Employer  Invitation Center

Company name: XYZ Pvt. Ltd

Step 1: Invite

Invite employees to wayForward program by following these steps

  1. Share the following website link: https://www.wayForward.io/user/sample-link
  2. Share unique code created for you: cXYZpvt_2016


Forward the default email shared by your WayForward relationship manager ( please email info@psyinnovations.com for more details if you have further questions)

Step 2: Download / register

Users will be sent an updated version of following apps. Download using the shared link and start using the wayForward program.


Self-use modules

  • Choose goal to get customized modules
  • Answer questions and fill assessment
  • Learn effective tools and techniques based on science
  • Relax using breathing exercises
  • Track your progress, and achieve your goals

wayForward Chat logo

Personal Coach

  • Premium service: dedicated coach for user
  • Expert counselors, therapists and psychologists, who have experience and training in helping people with anxiety, stress and other emotional wellness issues
  • Coach can track user progress
  • Sends reminders, tips and answers questions from client

wayForward iPhone2

Download now

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wayForward coach iPhone

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Step 3: Monitor LIVE employee data