Mental health conditions

Mental health disorders impact 1 in 5 individuals, but over 60% go untreated in the US. We help assess and identify individuals, and then providing evidence-based care via our technology platform.

Recurring health issues

Lack of evidence based and affordable behavioral healthcare means individuals are at risk of developing severe physical and mental health conditions, or relapse after treatment. wayForward works with you in reducing impact of high cost diseases, hospital days, ER visits.

The wayForward Solution

Based on Science

wayForward program is developed by researchers, mental health experts and psychologists using the CBT, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology. The program has been proven to reduce symptoms for anxiety, stress and other conditions.

Customizable Solutions

Every population and condition is different. That is why we have created a platform that helps customize with the right combination of assessments, programs, content, clinicians or coaches. Patients get a programs relevant to their behavioral health condition, and health plans get relevant outcomes.

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