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Now that you have filled the initial questionnaire, please download the app and complete 10 sessions. Please remember: to be eligible for this survey, do not complete more than one session in a day. It helps to take your time. Once you finish 10 sessions, email us at and we will send you similar questionnaire to complete the study.

Download the app here:

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About the study

Social anxiety is a common, yet under treated problem for a significant proportion of the population. The typical age of onset for social anxiety disorder is 13 years of age, with 36% of people with symptoms waiting 10 or more years before seeking treatment. Social anxiety disorder is associated with the potential for significant life impairment in social and interpersonal contexts.

Given that the condition is common, its sufferers delay treatment and the consequences of untreated social anxiety disorder can be serious, there is a clear need for a reliable and effective self-treatment option.

This study aims to establish whether using the wayForward mobile application reduces self-reported social anxiety levels. wayForward is a mobile application that has been specifically designed in accordance with the scientific principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), an approach with well-documented success in the management and treatment of social anxiety.

What’s Involved

You are asked at the outset to complete an anxiety self-assessment form. Once you fill the questionnaire, you can download the wayForward app (only available on iPhone currently).

After downloading, you have to complete 10 sessions using the app. Sessions are 5-10 minute only, and provide you with animated videos teaching CBT skills and techniques, relaxation exercises and self tracking of anxiety level.

Please complete these sessions no more than once a day. Outside of these 10 sessions, you can log in to the wayForward app and use the Tools section to practice breathing exercises as well as other CBT techniques taught in the sessions.

Within 24 hours of completing the final session participants will again be asked to complete the same self-assessment form.

Risk & discomforts

wayForward app does not provide medical advice or mental health service and should only be used as self-help tool. The app should not be used in case of emergency. There is no guarantee wayForward will work for you.


wayForward app is self-guided and based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which can help participant overcome social anxiety and improve quality of life. wayForward teaches skills and techniques applicable in everyday life, and can help reduce anxiety related thoughts, behaviors or body sensations.

Appropriate other options available

Participant should seek professional therapist in case they need further help.

Records confidentiality

All records on wayForward app are stored in a secure server. Data for the purpose of this study will be used only after de-identification.

Participation in this study is voluntary

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